Javascript/Front-end Mentoring Program in Poland

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Start date: 8-MAR-2021

Free-of-charge learning

The RSSchool is working by the principle of "Pay it forward". Members of our community share their knowledge and check students tasks for free. And we hope that our students will continue this work as our mentors in the future.

Open to everyone

Regardless of age, occupation, location - everyone can learn in the RSSchool. For a successful education, you need to have some base knowledge.

Worldwide mentors and trainers

The Mentors and trainers of our school are front-end and javascript developers from different companies/countries. Most of the mentors are available for offline education in Poland (Gdansk, Krakow). How to become a mentor?


After the succesfull graduation students will be offered a employment possibility in EPAM in the following locations:

  • Poland: Gdansk, Krakow

Educational materials

All the materials are available for free on our YouTube and GitHub.

Communication channels

During the education, we use Discord chat. Please join it! There the current students will guide you on how to start education properly.


After accomplishing all the three stages of education students will get an electronic certificate.


Tasks every Tuesday and Thursday

Training duration: about 6 months.

Types of lectures: webinars.


The next training will start on March, 8.

Please register to join the introduction webinar.


What you should know before starting training

What base knowledge should be before starting training?

  • OOP basics.
  • Basic data structures and their organization (array, list, stack, queue, tree, hash table, etc.).
  • To be able to implement a simple algorithm in javascript language. Examples of tasks
  • Basic algorithms for sorting and searching.
  • Graphs of basic mathematical functions, factorial, the concept of a logarithm.
  • English language level: Intermediate (B1) and up.

What to do if you lack base knowledge?

In this case, you will have to spend enough time on self-preparation.

We recommend:

Our mentors and trainers

Davi Vieira photo
Davi Vieira

I'm Davi! Brazilian from Fortaleza and very enthusiastic about Javascript! 7+ years of experience with front-end technologies. Focused on web applications, I have experience with angularjs, Angular and React, but I believe that a strong Javascript Core knowledge can lead anyone to master any framework, so I will always emphasize that!

I have passion for mentoring, helping others to grow and planning a knowledge learning path. Before getting into JS I studied Telecommunications Engineering and played with a bunch of technologies like python, Android, iOS, Java. Currently I'm a Javascript/Java full stack developer.

Jacek Polak photo
Jacek Polak

From first touch writing scripts for DOS I knew I will work with computers and it was 22 years ago :) 15+ years of experience as Front End Developer for commercial companies 18+ years of experience as Front End Developer / Web Designer in freelance I have a Bachelor Degree + Completed Master education at Electrical Engineering Automatics Computer Science And Electronics / AGH University of Science and When I was involved into programming my first websites I’ve got help via internet and I’ve got best practices which I remember since that time. Now I know that person was my mentor and it was priceless. Hope that feeling will stay with my future mentees.

Gabriel Umbelino photo
Gabriel Umbelino

I am from Brazil and joined Epam Poland over a month ago. Specialize in front-end development for about 4 years mainly using VueJs.

Pawel Waszczynski photo
Pawel Waszczynski

Hi, I’m Silesian Technical University IT faculty graduate / Full-stack .NET / Front-end developer since more than 14 years. I'm just passionate about front-end technologies with a hint of interest in whole full-stack and software architecture concepts. I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with internal project trainings / speeches and EPAM’s e-Teens initiative, so I’m really excited to join RS School and share with you some things I’ve learnt during my IT journey!

Yaroslav Dubinskyi photo
Yaroslav Dubinskyi

I'm a passionate JavaScript developer with PHP background. I've more that 4 years of experience and know how hard can be learning new stuff, that's why I like to share my knowledge with others. Currently I'm working with web-components mostly and trying to be up-to-date with most popular FE and BE technologies.

Aleksandr Tsvetkov photo
Aleksandr Tsvetkov

5 years in professional programming: Front-end, then java, now full-stack. Engineer education. Languages: basic:), pascal/delphi, C, PHP, JavaScript, Java. From very first computer (80286 intel) was wondering how things work under the hood. I like to teach people as I understand I should be grateful to my past mentors and I should give something back. Besides, teaching is a great chance to learn something new for the mentor himself:)

Julia Alaeva photo
Julia Alaeva

I am a JavaScript FullStack Developer with technical experience is more than 3,5+ years of commercial software development on technologies such as React/Redux, Angular 8, Node.js. I love what I do and I consider that mentoring is a great opportunity to share knowledge, improve soft skills and make a motivation. As for free time, I prefer to read books, ride horses and fix my car :)

Maryia Pautaratskaya photo
Maryia Pautaratskaya

Hi, I'm Maryia! I live in Minsk, have been working for EPAM company for almost two years. Studied at the BSU (Belarusian State University), majoring in applied informatics (web-programming and computer design), for three years. When I entered the university, in the first year of study, I heard about the Rolling Scopes School courses from senior students, and I signed up for them. In the course, I learned everything that was needed to find my first project. Then, I completed the courses and underwent an interview at EPAM and passed it successfully. So now I’m here and ready to share knowledge 🙂

Jeyhun Ashurbayov photo
Jeyhun Ashurbayov

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 6 years experience in Web development. Joined EPAM 2 years ago as a Frontend Developer, and working mostly with JS/React/NodeJs.

Maciej Paluszkiewicz photo
Maciej (Mathias) Paluszkiewicz

Hey, I'm Mathias, started my programming adventure with Python and Java, but fell in love with JavaScript. With graphic design and artistic background, I love to work mainly with the visual side of the web. Got experience in JS libraries and frameworks (my favorite is React). Currently working on web components. Joined EPAM in 2020 after finishing RS School.

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