Javascript/Front-end Mentoring Program in Lithuania & Latvia

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Start date: 5 JUNE 2023

Free-of-charge learning

The RS School is working by the principle of "Pay it forward". Members of our community share their knowledge and check students tasks for free. And we hope that our students will continue this work as our mentors in the future.

Open to everyone

The course is intended for individuals living in Lithuania or Latvia. For a successful education, you need to have some base knowledge.

Worldwide mentors and trainers

The Mentors and trainers of our school are front-end and javascript developers from different companies/countries. How to become a mentor?


Upon successfully completing the program students will get the opportunity to get a job offer as Junior Software Engineers at the EPAM offices in Vilnius (Lithuania) or Riga(Latvia).


After accomplishing all the three stages of education students will get an electronic certificate.

Communication channels

During the education, we mostly use Discord chat.


The next training will start on June 5, 2023.


Training Program

The training consists of 3 stages. There may be requirements to pass to each higher stage, which will be described below. This specific run of the trainings will take the form of self-study. This means that you will have access to pre-recorded webinars and bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with our mentors to answer any of your questions you might have. You will also have the ability to communicate with other students and help each other solve any problems you might face. We will provide you with a list of topics that must be covered for each stage with recommended deadlines, but you will have the freedom to choose when you want to watch the lectures and complete the tasks. BE AWARE that practical tasks deadlines are not suggestions and should be respected.

Stage 1

  • Everyone registered is automatically eligible for this stage.
  • The first stage lasts 10 weeks.
  • This stage includes practical assignments and tests, the evaluation is either automatic or in a form of cross-check between the students.
  • Topics covered: Git, HTML, CSS, Javascript basics.

Stage 2

To pass to the second stage, you must successfully complete the tasks and tests from the first stage without missing the deadlines and pass a mock technical interview with one of our mentors.

  • The second stage lasts 11 weeks.
  • You will be assigned a personal mentor who will answer your questions from now on.
  • This stage includes practical exercises and tests which will be reviewed and evaluated by your mentor
  • Topics covered: Advanced Javascript, Security, Testing, Agile, Networking, web development tools.

Stage 3

To pass to the third stage, you must successfully complete the tasks and tests from the second stage without missing the deadlines. You must also pass a mock technical interview with one of our mentors (but not your personal mentor). You will also conduct a general (non-technical) interview with our HR team.

  • The third stage lasts 2 months.
  • You will get added to the EPAM JS Lab, which will give you access to some of our companies internal portals like the knowledge base, where you will get the opportunity to access the many courses available for EPAM employees. You will also be able to fill up your profile with personal info, experience, education, etc., to help us find you a suitable position in the future.
  • During this stage, you will continue with your studies like in the second stage, but the best students will also get regular opportunities to participate in technical interviews for real projects. When you pass one of these interviews, you will receive a job offer by EPAM.
  • You will receive a verifiable digital certificate of completion once you finish the last tasks of the course.
  • Topics covered: Angular or React (student must choose).

What you should know before starting training

Required before the start

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript is highly recommended before starting the course
  • Basic computer science theory (data structures, algorithms, maths) is recommended before starting the course
  • Experience with using any IDE
  • English language level: Intermediate (B1) and up
  • Work permit in Lithuania or Latvia
  • Register through this page and join the official discord channel for the training participants

What to do if you lack base knowledge?

In this case, you will have to spend enough time on self-preparation.

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