Javascript/Front-end Mentoring Program in Lithuania

Free | Online | in English


Start date: 16-MAR-2021

Free-of-charge learning

The RSSchool is working by the principle of "Pay it forward". Members of our community share their knowledge and check students tasks for free. And we hope that our students will continue this work as our mentors in the future.

Open to everyone

Regardless of age, occupation, location - everyone can learn in the RS School. For a successful education, you need to have some base knowledge.

Worldwide mentors and trainers

The Mentors and trainers of our school are front-end and javascript developers from different companies/countries. How to become a mentor?


After the succesfull graduation students will be offered a employment possibility in EPAM in the following locations:

  • Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas

Educational materials

All the materials are available for free on our YouTube and GitHub.

Communication channels

During the education, we mostly use Discord chat.


After accomplishing all the three stages of education students will get an electronic certificate.


19:00 - 21:00 (Tuesday ยท Thursday).

Training duration: about 6 months.

Types of lectures: webinars.


The next training will start on March, 16.

Please register to join the introduction webinar.


What you should know before starting training

What base knowledge should be before starting training?

  • OOP basics.
  • Basic data structures and their organization (array, list, stack, queue, tree, hash table, etc.).
  • To be able to implement a simple algorithm in javascript language. Examples of tasks
  • Basic algorithms for sorting and searching.
  • Graphs of basic mathematical functions, factorial, the concept of a logarithm.
  • English language level: Intermediate (B1) and up.

What to do if you lack base knowledge?

In this case, you will have to spend enough time on self-preparation.

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