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Start date: October 16, 2023

Free-of-charge learning

The RS School is working by the principle of "Pay it forward". Members of our community share their knowledge and check students' tasks for free. And we hope that our students will continue this work as our mentors in the future.

Open to everyone

Everyone can study at RS School, regardless of age, professional employment, or place of residence. However, you should have sufficient base knowledge before the program begins.


After accomplishing all three stages of education, students will receive an electronic certificate of completion.

Communication channels

Throughout the course, we mostly use Discord chat.

  • Twice a week in the evenings.
  • Duration: 9 weeks.
  • Types of training: webinars.


The next course will start on October 16, 2023.


Course Curriculum

This program will have theory and practice on the following topic:

Week #1

  • Module "Angular Intro. TypeScript"
  • Module "Angular. Components"
  • Module "Angular. Directives & Pipes"

Week #2

  • "Angular Intro" task review
  • Module "Angular. Modules & Services, Dependency Injection"
  • Module "Angular. Routing"
  • Workshop

Week #3

  • "Angular. Components, Directives, Pipes" task review
  • Module "RxJS & Observables"
  • Module "Angular. HTTP"
  • Module "Angular. Forms"
  • Workshop

Week #4

  • "Angular. Modules, Services, Routing" task review
  • Module "Angular. Redux & NgRx"
  • Module "Angular. Unit Test"
  • Workshop

Week #5-8

  • "Angular. RxJS & HTTPClient & NgRx & Forms" task review
  • Final Angular test
  • Workshop
  • "Project Management Application" final task

Week #9

  • Cross-checking the "Project management application" final task

What you should know before starting

Required before the start

  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • Git, GitHub (clone, add, commit, push, pull, merge, rebase, work with Pull Request)
  • npm, webpack
  • CSS3 / HTML5
  • Chrome DevTools Figma
  • Understanding the concept of REST API

Our mentors and trainers

Aleh Serhiyenia photo
Aleh Serhiyenia

Aleh Serhiyenia works as a Front-End Developer at EPAM Systems, developing web applications using Angular. He was always interested in technology and computers. Aleh received his higher education at BSUIR. For a long time, he engaged in production automation. Then he became interested in graphic design, the development of banners, logos, signs, etc. Aleh has always had a passion for programming. He passed RS School and then EPAM Lab. Now Aleh is ready to share his experience and expertise with RS School students.

Rustam Satlykov photo
Rustam Satlykov

Rustam Satlykov was born in Chirchik, near Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and now lives in Tashkent. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Power Engineering from Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU) in 2016 and worked for CDC "Energia" for six years. Rustam attended the JS/FE course at RS School three times before graduating in 2022, followed by an Angular course. In 2022, he joined EPAM Systems. He's mentored at RS School five times, serves as an Angular course coordinator, and is an RS local coordinator in Uzbekistan. Rustam wishes for everyone to find and pursue their passions.

Natalia Loginova photo
Natalia Loginova

Natalia Loginova has more than seven years of experience working with various front-end and back-end technologies, such as ReactJS, Redux, Angular, EmberJS, Node.js, NestJS, etc. She was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia, but now resides in Montenegro. After completing her art education, she developed a keen interest in history and was an active member of the astronomy club during her school years. Natalia graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics faculty at Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in Applied Informatics (According to Industry). Also, she completed a Doctoral training program for research and teaching staff in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Saint Petersburg State University. Natalia has experience as a mentor in the EPAM mentoring program for students who want to join EPAM.

Arcangelo Sacca photo
Arcangelo Sacca

Arcangelo, often referred to as Angelo, is known for his problem-solving approach and passion for DIY. He has an interest in technology, particularly in areas like Home Theatre, HI-FI, photography, and Home Automation. He frequents the gym and previously had a passion for overclocking computers. Angelo has over 10 years of experience as a Senior Angular Developer in web application development.

Dzmitry Yarmoshkin photo
Dzmitry Yarmoshkin

Former PHP developer turned front-end developer, now deeply in love with React. While my journey took an unexpected turn, my passion for front-end work has never been stronger. Not a big fan of Redux, but that's the beauty of the tech world - we all have our preferences. Embracing the unpredictability of tech careers, I'm excited to see where my adventure takes me!

Diana Kohut photo
Diana Kohut

Diana Kohut, a frontend developer with two years at Epam, started in a student lab and specializes in Angular. She's from Kyiv, Ukraine, with degrees in Cybersecurity and Information Management Systems. Passionate about travel, she's visited 11 countries with Spain next on her list. Diana enjoys detective books, computer games, and her two cats.

Artsiom Parfianenkau photo
Artsiom Parfianenkau

Front-end/Full Stack developer with 4 overall years of experience. He fell in love with SSR frameworks like Next.js and Remix.js. Re-renders hater and optimization fan. Previously he was a mentor on JS/React courses. Currently focused on RSS React course development.

Kirill Britsyn photo
Kirill Britsyn

Kirill is a frontend and backend developer based in Astana, Kazakhstan, with more than 6 years of experience. He is primarily focused on Angular development but has also worked with other frontend frameworks as well as Node.js and .NET. In addition, Kirill has played the role of a mentor for Angular and React frameworks at Epam. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, using both modern and vintage gear, hiking, and traveling.

Oleh Duleba photo
Oleh Duleba

Oleh Duleba was born and currently lives in Ukraine. He started loving programming in school and tried many languages like C, Perl, Python, ActionScript. In 2019, Oleh joined the EPAM company as a front-end developer. He previously worked as a full-stack, but because technology keeps changing, he focused on JavaScript, Angular, React, and the front-end side in general. He played table tennis for a long time, starting from university tournaments. Also, Oleh enjoys swimming and physical workouts; they contrast with his usual calm work routine. In his free time, he likes to make small software projects to improve at coding. Besides his main job, Oleh has taught students, helped them with their projects, and showed them how to present their work.

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